3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Discusses Corporate affiliates.


In efforts of transparency, TDEY is now in association with a multi effort enterprise consisting of "All-Things-Media". The sophisticated relationship is designed to capitalizing in the Smart Media community with it's leadership under Mr. Clark Ortiz

First: A relationship was signed between TDEY and iPoint Television, LLC. also known as iPoint TV. TDEY has engaged iPoint to develop and deploy its 2D and 3D content application for smart devices. Over the weekend iPoint TV signed an agreement to partner with Omniverse One World Television, Inc., which holds a distribution agreement to sell it's Set Top Boxes in all Radio Shacks nationwide. TDEY will provide 3D content via the creation of an exclusive Television Network which will broadcast on iPoint TV.

Second: 3D without glasses is of great interest for commercial 3D signage. The technology is proven and works perfect in the right application. We desire to continue to advance in this space as the industry shows a demand for growth. The market for signage would consist of placing a specialty 3D Eye Solution TV in public areas and offer specialty advertisement to the local business community.

Shipments of signage and professional displays in 2013 are projected to reach 17.3 million units, up from 15.4 million units last year and 13.5 million units in 2011. Deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2012 alone, the latest figures available, amounted to 4.3 million units, worth an estimated $3.8 billion Third: TDEY will enter into studio production of 3D content of Movies, TV shows and Advertising. The sales of 3D TV sets have hit an all time high. Market researcher company IHS Screen Digest have released figures charting the rise of connected TV sets. During 2012 over a quarter of all sets sold (66 million) were smart TV's, and predict 2015 will experience half of all sets sold, or around 141 million. By 2016 they predict that two-thirds of television sets will be smart.

"The world of 3D content distribution and smart media applications are on the rise. Our present team of executives have over 50 years of combined media experience from 3D productions, live events and syndicated shows," says, Clark Ortiz

About 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.. 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is a service provider and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry that covers a wide range of markets. 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. produces and processes media content for corporate, venues, and trade show events. The Company also provides turnkey systems and converting existing media to enable end users to showcase properties in multi-view format. For more information please email directly ClarkOrtiz@me.com.

Safe Harbor: Statements regarding financial matters in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The Company intends that such statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, technology efficacy and all other forward-looking statements be subject to the safe harbors created thereby. The Company is a development stage company who continues to be dependent upon outside capital to sustain its existence. Since these statements (future operational results and sales) involve risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, the Company's actual results may differ materially from expected results.

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Clark Ortiz

SOURCE 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.

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