Ominous Tweet From Matt Drudge About Barack Obama

matt drudgeMac Slavo: Arguably one of the most influential people in global media, Matt Drudge is known for his breaking stories and connections to Washington politicos.

It is said that he often drives the news cycle with over 1 billion monthly readers, many of whom work in politics and media.

When Drudge says something people listen, because if there’s anyone who might get the heads up about events before they become public it’s him.

And based on a tweet recently posted to his Twitter account it’s quite possible that he knows something we have not yet been made privy to.

On Sunday night President Barack Obama delivered a pre-taped speech to audience members at the Grammy awards.

Drudge posted a photo of the President from the speech and called Obama’s appearance “greasy.”

He continued with the following ominous words:

Hoarse, watery eyes. Like he knows something terrible coming. Very unsettling.


(Hat-tip All News Pipeline and Talking Points Memo)

This is the short pre-recorded clip Drudge referenced in his Tweet (NEXT PAGE):

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