Why U.S. Economic ‘Statistics’ Get More and More Absurd




..........Written by Jeff Nielson (click for original)



Many recent commentaries have noted a distinct devolution in the numerical lies which the U.S. government calls its “economic statistics”. Numbers which used to be mere exaggerations (i.e. used to somewhat mirror the real world) have now become literally perverse: opposite to reality.



As U.S. “retail sales” collapsed at the end of last year (and now into this year) with a string of negative numbers, we’re told that somehow U.S. “consumer spending” surged by 4.3% in the fourth quarter of 2014, something which is mathematically impossible, since the two numbers must mirror each other.



With the U.S. economy showing even more obvious weakness than in previous years of this fantasy “recovery”, we’re supposed to believe that the U.S. economy just enjoyed its strongest quarters of growth in well over a decade. The economic lies are not merely far-fetched, they are totally ludicrous.

This begs the question, why pervert these “statistics” to such silly extremes? The answer will come immediately to readers the moment they turn on their business news, and hear about yet more “record highs” in the U.S.’s bubble-markets.



At this point, it’s necessary to turn the attention of readers to the themes of two previous commentaries which are of particular significance. The first commentary concerns the method by which all our markets are marched up and down like yo-yo’s, in near-perfect synchronicity – something which is absolutely/mathematically impossible in legitimate markets. Indeed, even in “rigged” markets there is only one means by which these markets can be led-by-the-nose, ever hour of every day: via a computerized Pied Piper.



The second commentary of note concerns the most likely time these bubble-markets will be torpedoed, allowing the sheep to be fleeced, and allowing Warren Buffett to ‘invest’ his hoard of money, which is now well in excess of $60 billion. Even in the Wonderland Matrix,  no bubbles can be inflated forever. At some point the bubbles must be “popped”, or they will simply burst on their own – in an uncontrolled/uncontrollable manner.

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