Nissan to recall 150,000 more vehicles in Japan after improper inspections

Since October 2017, after the discovery of nonconformities in the final vehicle inspection process at plants in Japan, Nissan has submitted recall notifications to the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation on Oct. 6 and 25, 2017, and Jan. 12 and June 29, 2018. A total of 1,143,540 affected vehicles have been recalled across 42 models. Following these actions, Nissan has newly found several nonconformities that may have caused inaccurate pass/fail judgments during the inspection process. Nissan will promptly prepare for recall procedures in Japan, and notify MLIT of its recall plan as soon as possible. This recall action is limited to Japan. Nissan will recall approximately 150,000 more vehicles in Japan due to improper final inspections before they were shipped from two Japanese manufacturing plants.

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