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Is the Stock Market Rigged? … and a More Important Question

Is the stock market rigged? Many believe it is … and rightfully so.
However, there are more interesting and pertinent questions, such as:
To what extent is the market rigged, and how does it affect me?
Why do allegations of a rigged market sprout up right now?
Different Ways to Rig the Market...

Stock Market Melt-Up Alert?

The S&P 500 is at new all-time highs, so it may be appropriate to call to mind – and then discgard – all the bear market chatter of recent months.
Here is just a small selection of bear market headlines:
Barron’s: “Bracing for a Bear Market” – February 19, 2016
Forbes: “Investor Alert:...

S&P 500 Update – Refocus on What Matters

Brexit! What Brexit? The Brexit reaction doesn’t even register on the monthly S&P 500 chart. ‘A tempest in the teapot’ as the British would say. This is yet another example why we do not focus (and sometimes ignore) news events.

The Brexit vote did cause undeniable ripple effects, but only...

S&P 500 Update

A lot has happened the last week or two, and it appears like the S&P 500 has entered the ‘post panic’ stage. Before we discuss the typical ‘post panic’ pattern, here is a brief recap.
On June 9, we went short the S&P 500 at 2,110. This was our insurance trade against lower prices...

My Worst ‘Mistake’ of the Year

Allow me to tell the painful tale of a perfectly timed short S&P 500 trade. This is a classic example of where doing what is right feels so wrong.
The Short Entry
Via the June 8, Profit Radar Report, I recommended to short the S&P 500. We called this the most promising setup since we...

3 Must Know Brexit Vote Facts

Up until now, iSPYETF did not participate in the Brexit discussion. Why? Until the votes are cast and counted, it’s all speculation. We can’t predict the outcome of the vote and how the market reacts.
The best thing we can do is look at our dashboard of indicators and decipher their message....

S&P 500 Dead Cat Bounce or New Up Trend

The S&P 500 is enjoying its largest 1-day pop since May 24. Is this a dead cat bounce or the beginning of a new up trend?
Cause and Effect
What caused this bounce will help us figure out whether it has legs.
Monday’s pop comes on the heels of an interesting losing streak. The S&P was...

The Most Promising S&P 500 Setup Since February 11 (when it was at 1,810)

In terms of actual trading recommendations, 2016 has been a fairly quite year for the Profit Radar Report. We’ve had only seven actual trade recommendations (only one losing trade).
Barron’s rates iSPYETF as a “trader with a good track record.” Click here for Barron’s assessment of the Profit...