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Brexit Audio Update 2

As we head into the European close we are seeing some of the rally off the floor in risk hit profit taking.
Regardless markets are well off their Asian lows and we begin to assess where specific sectors and asset classes are headed next week.
We remain cautious if the role Japan plays in all of...

Brexit – Update Round 1

On the call we give you first round thoughts after a wild night of polling and trading.
Clearly Brexit inspires volatility and risk off…surprise Brexit brings all that and more.
This morning we assess current levels and the reaction of key asset classes to this point.
We will come to you later...

Special Emerging Money Audio Call June 23 – Brexit

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 23 - On the call we review the probabilities but more importantly look at markets that have stepped ahead of the Brexit vote and made their own statement.
Now what?
Clearly Brexit is not the end of the line for Euro-sceptic nations and there remain and...

Brexit: Should This Currency Be Trading At Highs For the Year?

The Chart of the GBP is clearly reveling in the expectation of Remain vote in the Brexit saga but should it be trading at levels it saw last year before the Brexit gambit was a reality?
The Pound should not be rewarded for its master, UK staying in the EU beyond its fundamentals. The UK is a...

EM vs SPY: No One Said This Would Be Easy

EM (EEM, quote) has had multiple fits and starts in the last 9 months and even last three years where it looked like long time underperformance was coming to end vs the SPX.
This morning's rally on fresh Brexit polling may give the asset class the next leg of ammunition it needs now that the...

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 20

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 20 -  A fresh UK poll in favor of BREMAIN and global stocks have now fuel to turn the reversal we saw last week into the second powerful test of key technical levels and an emphatic response.
A dip in vol is still to be owned it’s just a question of how you...

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 14

Emerging Money Daily Audio Call June 14 - On the call today we review the macro considerations going into the Fed meeting and why the Fed is in hold and what this means for trading EM and Commodity assets.
As well we will cover a  handful of technicals on the call.
Tune into your account for to...

Special Audio Cast On Today’s MSCI Rebalance

Our investors get insight into today's an SCI rebalance that takes place at 5 PM.
Our focus will be on the three primary countries in focus:
Tune in for investment implications and broader commentary on Frontier markets.
Tune into your account for to listen to the full...

Emerging Money Audio Call June 13

Emerging Money Audio Call June 13 - On the call today we sort through the confluent fears that are rising in global markets. 
The attack in Orlando raises the fear factor everywhere but doesn’t change drivers for markets despite some obvious headlines from the political players to the tragedy....