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IBM Tumbles After Revenue Resumes Slide, EPS "Beats" On Ridiculous Tax Rate

IBM is back to its revenue declining, non-GAAP-EPS-beating-through-low-tax-gimmick ways. With Wall Street expecting IBM to report EPS of $3.40 in Q3, the company "beat" by the smallest of margins, reporting non-GAAP EPS of $3.42 (vs $2.94 GAAP). So far so good, but as usual, the GAAP vs non-GAAP numbers at IBM painted two starkly different pictures, with GAAP EPS barely rising by 1% vs the 5% increase in non-GAAP, while GAAP Net Income and pre-tax Income both declined Y/Y by -1% and -2%, respectively, even as non-GAAP Net Income and pre-tax net income... -Zero Hedge

Hawking's Final Prediction: Race Of Engineered Superhumans Will Conquer The World

Physicist Stephen Hawking's final prediction before his death seven months ago was that the human race will diverge - with wealthy, genetically engineered "superhumans" dominating the "unimproved."  Hawking, who died in March, left a collection of articles and essays on what he called “the big questions”, in preparation for a book that will be published on Tuesday. In Brief Answers to the Big Questions he suggests that wealthy people will soon be able to choose to edit their own and their children’s DNA to create superhumans with enhanced memory... -Zero Hedge

Relative Scarcity Of Physical Gold Prompts Large Drawdowns From Funds, ETFs

Authored by Jesse via Jesse's Cafe Americain blog, "It appears that there is a dwindling and overleveraged supply heading towards an unmanageable and relentless source of demand." It is interesting to watch the ongoing management of physical gold holdings in the West. Physical gold has been seeing large drawdowns from inventory during this price decline, but silver does not... This is not due to some preference or matter of taste.   Physical gold for sale at these prices is in short supply, whereas silver is not. Both are subject to speculative... -Zero Hedge

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