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Armanino Foods of Distinction

Pasta, Pizza and Focaccia - all are mainstays of the Italian diet and this company's income. This US firm provides much of America's Italian foodstuffs and could turn your carbonara into some hard-earned dollars.

Amplify's Daily Trading Update

After previous touching heady highs, the major indices have taken quite a blow in the past few days, each crashing down by a number of percentage points. Sam North also discusses the other major market news for today.

Glittering Gold

With Coronavirus creating global nervousness - in both a medical and financial sense - investors are flocking to safe-haven assets. However, as some protective stocks are not as secure as expected, could Gold begin to surge?

Amplify's Daily Trading Update

Sam North provides us with his first update for the week. With an increase in the number of non-Chinese Coronavirus cases has caused a severe decline in stocks, but a surge in commodity prices. Will these market jitters continue into the week?

Retail Sales Post-2008

Following the stock market crash 10 years ago, retail sales have continued to grow - but at an ever slowing rate. Shaun Richards discusses whether this slowing growth will continue - or if other factors such as wages, employment, and unsecured debt will cause a resurgence in consumer spending.

Are Technology Stocks Overperforming?

Despite Coronavirus and the US-China trade spat, the US economy appears to be burgeoning. With recent Q4 results from a number of major technology companies from the States, Richard Hunter discusses whether this bullishness for the American economy can continue.