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  1. Weekend Top 100

    35 minutes ago
    Momentum Trading with RaginCajun
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    38 minutes ago
    Max Keiser
  3. Gold & Silver Staring into the Abyss...

    about 1 hour ago
    Silver Doctors
  4. The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now...

    about 4 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
  5. A Massive FX Quake Hits Japan: This Is...

    about 4 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
  6. Friday Night: Kudlow makes me laugh...

    about 5 hours ago
    Calculated Risk
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    about 5 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
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    about 6 hours ago
  9. The Fed's Term Deposit Facility comes...

    about 6 hours ago
    Sober Look

Trade Idea of the Day Presented by: Wall Street Pit

Front Runners: Gain Capital (GCAP), You On Demand Holdings (YOD), Groupon (GRPN), Scientific...

Shares of GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (GCAP) climbed over 22% Friday, after the company announced an agreement to acquire City Index Limited, an online trading firm specializing in contracts-for-difference, forex and UK spread betting for $118 million, and announced record preliminary third... Read More

Why We’re Poorer: Inflation and Deflation Are Now Globalized

We’re being hit with a double-whammy: Wages are under deflationary pressure, and almost everything else is exposed to inflationary pressure. As correspondent Mark G. observed in Globalization = Permanent Instability, it’s impossible to understand inflation and deflation now except in a global...

Q3 2014 GDP Details on Residential and Commercial Real Estate

The BEA has released the underlying details for the Q3 advance GDP report today.Investment in single family structures is now back to being the top category for residential investment (see first graph).  Home improvement was the top category for twenty one consecutive quarters following the...

The Most Important Chart For Investors

Tyler Durden: Back in late September, we posted what Albert Edwards thought at the time was “The Most Important Chart For Investors” which was quite simply, a chart of the USDJPY. Here is the punchline of what he said: We have long believed that investors ignore Japan at their peril. Time and...

US Now Importing the World’s Deflation

With US QE about to end, the rest of the world faced the prospect of another “taper tantrum” financial crisis, one that this time around could suck the US into expanding Japanese and European deflationary vortices. In which case it’s game over for the current market manipulation freak show. So...

ICI Reports ETF Assets and Net Issuance For September 2014

The combined assets of the nation’s exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were $1.831 trillion in September, according to ICI. The Institute’s monthly statistical collection also includes the value of shares issued and redeemed by exchange-traded funds. Statistics contained in the Institute’s monthly...

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