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  1. Weekend Top 100

    37 minutes ago
    Momentum Trading with RaginCajun
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    about 1 hour ago
    Wall Street Examiner
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    about 2 hours ago
    Trading Algorithms with The Fly
  4. The Coming Slump

    about 2 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
  5. China PMI Jumps To 2 Year Highs (Jobs...

    about 2 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
  6. Martial Law? This Is What Is Going To...

    about 2 hours ago
    Silver Doctors
  7. Israel, Gaza and Palestine: What...

    about 2 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
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    about 2 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
  9. Friday: Jobs, Autos, ISM Manufacturing...

    about 3 hours ago
    Calculated Risk

Trade Idea of the Day Presented by: Zero Hedge

"Gold Could Go To Infinity" - Ron Paul

“I Still Believe In Gold” - Ron PaulDr Ron Paul, the popular Presidential candidate and America and the world's most popular libertarian voice, told CNBC yesterday that he “still believes in gold” and that “gold could go to infinity.” Former U.S. Representative Dr Ron Paul told CNBC's Jackie... Read More

Why It’s Time To Cull Your Stocks

Mitchell Clark: Good numbers are one thing, but stocks did go up in advance of what’s turning out to be a fairly decent earnings season. It’s not unreasonable at all to expect the market to take a solid break, perhaps for the next two to three months. Of course, predicting corrections and/or...

Living In A Country Where Almost Everyone Is Broke

Did you know that 77 million Americans have unpaid debts that are “in collections” and that Congress is actually thinking about letting post offices offer payday loans?  We live in a country where almost everyone is drowning in debt and where most people are either flat broke or very close to...

Direxion Investments Launches Three 2X Leveraged ETFs

Direxion Investments, an ally for both strategic and tactical investors seeking to solve for better investment outcomes, announced today the launch of three leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The investment vehicles seek to achieve 200% of the daily performance of their respective...

Today’s Movers

Here are the top industries on the day led by Telecom & 3D Printing: Here are the top individual hybrid movers for review: Here are some other notable stocks on the move, CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS ETFs rising on unusual volume, CLICK HERE ETFs falling...

Foreign Secretary Warns Russian Sanctions "Will Hit UK Economy"

More blowback... UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond suggests imposing sanctions on Russia are a shared sacrifice that European nations must make. While the sanctions were "designed to maximize the impact on Russia and minimize the impact on EU economies," he warns his fellow Britons that, "It...

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