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    about 2 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
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    about 2 hours ago
    Calculated Risk
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    about 2 hours ago
    Silver Doctors
  4. California – A Food Powerhouse In Peril

    about 3 hours ago
    Zero Hedge
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    Value Investing News
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    about 3 hours ago
    Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
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    about 4 hours ago
    HF Implode
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    Zero Hedge
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    about 4 hours ago
    Max Keiser

Trade Idea of the Day Presented by: Street Insider's Hot Lunchtime Reads 10/24: (SODA) (TSLA) (AMT) (MSFT)

The following is a list of notable articles to help get you through the lunch hour:SodaStream (SODA) Confirms 'Small-Scale' PepsiCo (PEP) Test -> Read this!Ford (F) Considers Making Tesla-Like Vehicle (TSLA) -> Read this!Nasdaq Probing Potentially Erroneous Transactions in American Tower... Read More

Opportunity Of The Decade In Gold Miners

Laurynas Vegys:  Gold stocks staged spring and summer rallies this year, but haven’t able to sustain the momentum. Many have sold off sharply in recent weeks, along with gold. That makes this a good time to examine the book value of gold equities; are they objectively cheap now, or not? By way...

Why The Market Kept Breaking Yesterday

When markets broke on Wednesday, XIV soared, stocks followed and the volumeless levitation was praised by all as evidence that the world was once again fixed. Yesterday we also saw NYSE Euronext 'break' into the European melt-up close, and later that day, as Ebola headlines hit, the market once...

Help Me Help You

Market news Friday wasn’t as great as the upbeat performance would suggest. China stocks fell the most with Shanghai Composite falling 1.7% for the week, the most in four months. The housing bubble in China is also popping as 69 of 70 major cities reported price declines. In Europe the...

The problem with procyclical inflation

Here’s Charles Evans in the WSJ: “We’ve averaged well under that 2% mark for the past six-and-a-half years,” Mr. Evans said. “With a symmetric inflation target, one could imagine moderately above-target inflation for a limited time as simply the flip side of our recent inflation experience–and...

California – A Food Powerhouse In Peril

A Food Powerhouse In Peril Now in its third year, the drought in California has forced local farmers to switch their water use from rivers and reservoirs, which are at historic low levels, to underground sources. This has mitigated...

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