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  1. Black Knight releases Mortgage Monitor...

    about 2 hours ago
    Calculated Risk
  2. SURPRISING UPDATE: Canadian Silver...

    about 3 hours ago
    Silver Doctors
  3. Out Of The Office

    about 3 hours ago
    Momentum Trading with RaginCajun
  4. Volume 14 Issue 35<br>Dollar Update

    about 3 hours ago
  5. Once again we wait for "shock and awe...

    about 3 hours ago
    Sober Look
  6. Why Does the Power of the Hard...

    about 4 hours ago
  7. Black Sea Oil Claims Before and After...

    about 4 hours ago
    Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
  8. Lump of Labor Day Special: Advanced...

    about 5 hours ago
    Angry Bear
  9. USDJPY (And Nikkei) Surge Higher as...

    about 5 hours ago
    Zero Hedge

Trade Idea of the Day Presented by: Zero Hedge

And The Best Performing Asset In August Was...

August is the month in which the third try for a global economic recovery officially snapped, with first China, then Europe and finally Latin America succumbing to pre-recession forces and/or outright contraction. Which, in the New Normal, is great news as it means more hopes for even greater... Read More

If Consumers Are So Confident, Then Why Aren't They Spending?

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform If Consumers Are So F%#king Confident Why Aren't They Spending?   The sheep have been told their confidence is at a 7 year high by the propaganda peddlers working at the behest of the oligarchy. The sheep are also told that 10 million jobs have...

Unofficial Problem Bank list declines to 439 Institutions

This is an unofficial list of Problem Banks compiled only from public sources.Here is the unofficial problem bank list for Aug 29, 2014. Changes and comments from surferdude808: As expected, the FDIC released q2 industry results and provided an update on its latest enforcement action activity. ...

Mixed Emotions for the Gold Market

The Gold market has a lot of crosscurrents at the moment with the main negative as we write that it doesn`t pay a yield, and given the abundance of cheap money chasing every utility, bond and stock that pays a yield it has lost favor in that regard the...

Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order

Stacy Summary: Everyone knows the unipolar party is over; it’s just what comes next that remains to be seen. Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order Although Putin has no alternative ideology to offer, times have changed. This is now a messier, less clearly...

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